Thursday, 27 July 2017

hot sun

The sun is the largest star in the solar system .The earth is the right distance  from the sun so our  planet is not to hot our to could.The light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach earth and give  life
to plants.astronauts will never be able to land on the sun if it mach to hot .

Friday, 30 June 2017

fairy bread

Last thursday we were making fairy bread.first we put the bread on the plate next we buttered it. later we put sprinkles on our bread . I am so hungry that I just want to eat my fairy bread .

After we were finish I had so much fun and was my best thing I did . it tasted sweet and crunchy.  it was for matariki.


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the evil bunny's

once their was are street and it was are beautiful places. the next day their was two huge bunny’s they  broke their beautiful  street. They were evil .they were eating the people that live in the street. And the other ones were save . ohno they said.

Friday, 5 May 2017


At night time it was freezing and it was dark  nobody can’t see and they well crash into something.

At night there was a big taniwha it live in the lake he was scary.

Once  there was a boy called tamarereti. Tamarereti was so hargy so he got his kete and got three big fishes.

Tamarereti was so tired so he slept  in his waka after his waka stop  at  a beach.

At night tamarereti was awake he put on a fire and cooked his  fish then he saw some pebbles.

So he threw some  pebbles in his waka.

Tamarereti threw as hard as he can.

When Tamarereti threw the pebbles it turn into stars.   

Friday, 24 March 2017


last monday room 14 were getting changed for swimming. We line up for swimming l was excited.` then we were in the shower it was cold . next we went to the pool when we got in side we were kicking the water. after we were doing crocodile hands on the swimming borid. Next we did the starfish and turning around . we put our face in the water for ten second. We went under the swimming borid . then we did  the stream line .i had fun with